Meet the characters
  1. 1.Tam Husband (bumbling dreamer, the story’s hero and narrator)
  2. 2.Zy Waxl (once modelled for the artist Munch)
  3. 3.Belina Caylysza (pretty, intelligent, but whose side is she really on?)
(Iron Planet)
Valley of Answers
(Mythical place of dreams)
Writing credits
Michael wrote the 19-part radio series Dreaming of Salzburg, travel comedy The World is a Handkerchief and co-wrote educational musicals Shakespeare, Not Stirred and Romeo and Julieta
the author Name: Michael Barker
Age: 34
Birthday: March 14th
Home Town: Uckfield, E. Sussex
Job: Editor, Fresh Produce    
     Journal, London
Favourite Cities: Salzburg, New York, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong
Favourite Author: Bill Bryson
Favourite Quote: Beaten men tread beaten paths